10 Spring Style Finds Under $150 Total!

Ahh, spring is here! Well unless you are in Texas then you know the weather goes 0 to 100 and back real quick! It is so nice to be able to sit outside, enjoy the nice spring breeze, and do a little online shopping! I have found you some super affordable spring pieces that are perfect for a weekend with your girlfriends, a quick beach trip or a relaxing day at the lake and can easily transitioned into summer. These are literally on their way to me as we speak, or as you read in this case!

This is a full Shein Haul! If you have never shopped with Shein you are missing out on some inexpensive fashion! This is my first spring collection haul with Shein but I have shopped the winter collections and they did not disappoint! You may be asking why do I love shopping with Shein, well I will tell you. I have always been the type of person that the last thing I want to spend money on is clothing, so uncommon for a girl right? My biggest issue with buying clothing was the pricing! I dislike going to a store and only coming out with a two to three items. Not because I can’t afford it but I don’t really want to spend over $100 for just two or three things! It’s almost like what’s the point if I can’t get a basket full, right?

So now you are probably thinking, well Aileen, how is the quality since this is so inexpensive? And I get it, I would ask the same thing! I always think quality over quantity, and in this case you get both! Like I said before I have plenty of pieces of Shein and I have zero complaints about them! I will never complain about affordable fashion! I am super excited to share these spring pieces and can’t wait to do a try on review for you! Check out this St. Patrick’s Day sale below!

Pretty In Pink Spring Finds-2.png

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