7 Little Known Ways To Save At The Grocery Store

How to save money on groceries? I feel like this is the million dollar question for most people. Everyone wants to save money, especially on groceries. If you are like me and you dislike grocery shopping, adding a hefty bill on top of it does not add to fun. It has taken me a bit of time, trial and error to figure out what works to save money at the grocery store. So if you are done with hefty grocery bills that wind up in the trash, spoiled, this is definitely for you. Here are my 7 money saving tips for the grocery store!


This is one of the most important things when it comes to getting groceries, or doing anything financially. The biggest factor here is to be reasonable and practical for your family. For example, my budget for two people (husband and myself) is $150, plus $10 leeway. This particular budget may not work for a family of six, but this works for us. My next tip can better assist you with creating a budget that works for you.


I cannot function at the store without a list! I am talking about old school pen and paper. I know we have smart phones but the reason I love pen and paper is because it is not distracting like a phone. I keep my phone out of site for a reason that I will touch on in a bit. There is something so satisfying about scratching things off a list, that may seem a bit odd but I dislike grocery shopping so much that scratching things off feel like a hug accomplishment, like I am almost to the finish line! My list contains food only, because I budget for food items only and I shop for other necessities, like toothpaste, detergent, or deodorant in bulk off Amazon or Sams club. My list is super simple, I make sure I have proteins, good carbs, veggies, and that is it. A tip within a tip - try going paper and plastic-less. If you have a water filter in your fridge get your water from there, don’t buy water bottles. Don’t hate me but yes you should use the dinnerware you have instead of buying paper plates, just wash the dishes, it’ll be ok! In the long run its a big saver!


I know we would all like to be top chef at dinner time but lets be honest sometimes is pays to keep things simple. In this case keeping your meals simple means less grocery items which means less spending. I mentioned before my list contains proteins, carbs and veggies. An example of a meal we would eat is grilled chicken breast, asparagus, white/brown rice. Its literally that simple for us! We keep it simple to save money but also so we can splurge a bit when we go out to eat. Check out this simple recipe we love - Lemon Pepper Ground Beef with sides.

Set a time limit

Once you have your list made everything is pretty easy from there. But we still find ways to get distracted, so what I like to do is set up a time limit for myself at the store. My goal is to get in, get what I need and get out within 30 minutes or less! As long as I am shopping alone and have my list prepared I get in and out fast! Now I understand that if you take kids or even your husband, time could be delayed a bit, but no worries you are a rockstar list maker now and you know what you need. I mentioned before that I prefer paper and pen list vs using my phone because I go in with a time limit for myself, and a phone could potentially be a major distraction and get me off my goal of getting in and out quickly. So for time constraint reasons, I put my phone in my purse and don’t take it out unless its important!

Shop the outside isles

You have probably heard this before, but shopping the outside isle not only gives healthy food options but it does save you time and money. Walking isle by isle can cause you to look at things you don’t need and eventually make you more susceptible to buying them. Stay away from the isles that don’t have what you need. Do not stroll isle by isle to just “look” it will make you buy extra items which will run up the bill!

buy frozen foods

Ok so I have been utilizing the frozen isle for a few years now, and although it has its pros and cons, I recommend going frozen for certain items. For example I buy frozen chicken in a bulk size because my husband eats a lot of chicken throughout the week (I also buy it fresh). Another thing I like to do is stock my freezer up with frozen veggies like broccoli, asparagus, and green beans, etc., that you can microwave when needed. Yes they may not taste as crisp after being microwaved like fresh veggies are after you bake them, but can you agree with me that we all fail to cook our food in time and it spoils, right? Well that is money wasted, it is literally in the trashcan. I feel like food spoils fast, before I know it i have thrown away $40 in the trash! Buying frozen foods do actually save you money in the long run because the food isn’t going to waste.

Shop at grocery store vs grocery/retail store

If you’ve read my about me, then you know I am from a small town, but we do have a Walmart and HEB. I try my best to stay away from Walmart when it comes to getting groceries, and here is why. I have a bad habit of buying things I don’t need, just things I want. If I go to Walmart I am tempted to shop around if I am to carful! I know you majority of you ladies, even some men who shop at a Target probably forget about the groceries majority of the time, I know I would, HELLO DOLLAR SPOT! We tend to see a nice coffee mug, fuzzy blanket or great smelling candle and go over board on the unnecessary goodies, which runs the bill way up! So my biggest tip would be to shop at a store that is strictly grocery. Stay away from the retail stores that sell groceries!

If you have any additional money saving tips at the grocery store feel free to share them down in the comment section. Share these tips with your friends on social media!