Dear Men...

Some of you out there still don’t have us women figured out, and let me just say, you are over complicating it. Are we a bit much at times? Absolutely, but we are much more simple than you think. So for you husbands, boyfriends, fiancés, and in-betweeners, listen up!

  1. When you wake up in the morning, instead of grabbing your phone first (its not that important), reach for your woman and tell her good morning. Kiss her! I don’t care how bad her breath smells just do it!

  2. If she is always bringing you coffee in bed, how about every once in awhile, you return the favor? Call us crazy, but a simple gesture goes a long way!

  3. If you leave for work while she is still sleeping, kiss her goodbye on the forehead, and send her a sweet good morning text. Start her day off right, how simple right?

  4. Instead of calling her crazy all the time, compliment her and say something nice, and maybe we wouldn’t be so crazy, ever think about that? I am guessing probably not!

  5. Learn to be a giver instead of a taker….this applies anywhere at anytime (also in bedroom)….poor men, that’s asking too much right? Too much work for you, what were we women thinking?! Doesn’t matter, just do it!

  6. Just get us food! Sometimes all we want is to be fed something, that will for sure brighten any mood! Feed us and tells us we are pretty while we are shoveling food into our face.

  7. Hmm, here is a GREAT one for you, say thank you! Nothing makes a woman feel more appreciated than a simple thank you. It’s just two words, so simple men!!

  8. Yes men, we know you work, a lot of hours, but don’t treat us like maids. We will take care of you always but wait on you hand and foot, Uh no! If you want that go to your momma’s house. Learn to pick up after yourselves!

  9. Say you love her, and mean it! Some of us still get butterflies when you say nice things. Just think how good that would be for both of you???

  10. Instead of checking out other women with your eyes that you say don’t wonder, check your woman out and make her feel confident and secure knowing you like what you see in her. We aren’t dumb men, when your eyes go from up to down we know, we don’t even have to look behind us to know what your seeing!

  11. Don’t say stupid ish….

  12. Rinse the dish! It’s the least you could do!

  13. Put the toilet seat down! It’s gross, if we wanted it up we would pee standing up also!

  14. Put your clothes in the dirty basket not right in front of it. Don’t be lazy, again if you want to do that go to your momma’s house, she’ll be happy to clean up after her little tiger!

  15. When she compliments you first all the time, learn to reciprocate the gesture. Be the first to compliment her. If she looks good tell her!!

  16. Pursue her first, stop making her make all the first moves! Nothing makes a woman feel more wanted than her man actually wanting her! Make the first moves fellas, you always lie and say you did when you first met her, right? So do it now then!

  17. Don’t be scared to love your woman in public! Now I am not saying make love, but kiss her and hold her hand every now and again!

  18. Grab her as she’s walking by you and hold her! Pursue her, duh! You might get lucky!

  19. Ask her if she needs help, even if you really don’t want to help her! Most times, the gesture is enough for her and she will probably say “no babe, that’s ok. I got it!” It’s all about the gesture! It’s not rocket science!

  20. Treat her the way you’d want your future daughter treated! One day you will have a son, show him what it’s like to respect women and show your daughter what a man is.

    Wow I got through that whole thing and not once did I mentioned you having to spend a dime! Except for the food of course (haha)! All these things are free men! Women don’t need you to buy us things, we want respect, love, and to be wanted! All the things we want are simple and free, you just have to want to do them for us. There are some truth to these fellas but I hope this have you all a good laugh!

    - Xo Aileen