The Ultimate Mothers Day Gift Guide


DIFF Eyewear : Every Mother needs a awesome pair of shades! These Bella Shades are perfect and most versatile pair of DIFF Eyewear. There are many other amazing styles to choose from, but beware you are going to have a hard time choosing because you will want them all! I love DIFF because not only are the products made with exceptional material but they also give back to non-profits for people in need of prescription glasses. With every purchase made, a pair is sent out to someone in need! Your purchase will not only be great for your Mom but you could also be helping an underprivileged Mother out there, and I just love that!

Magnolia Table Cookbook : Ok everyone and their Mother loves Joanna Gains! If you don’t, who even are you?? Just playing! Seriously these are some of the best recipes in a book you will find. My personal favorite is the Gains Burger with Jalapeño Drip Jam! To be honest my Mother is an amazing cook but everyone needs some fresh ideas and I promise these are delicious and this cookbook is worth it!

Salley Hansen Nail Polish : I personally am loving these nail polishes with argon oil. If your Mother is a lover of nail polish this is a perfect little gift! Of course a Spa day would be a great gift but if not, bring a little bit of the salon to her. I ordered these polishes from Target.

Threshold Robe : Mothers deserve the feel of comfort, so why not add the perfect robe to her wardrobe? I think every women can agree that after a long day, there is nothing better than whipping our bras off and climbing into something comfortable! Head on over to Target asap!

Jino Slippers : Yep I love Target but who doesn't? Pair these with the comfy Threshold robe for your Mom and you and she are good to go!

Third Love Bra : Speaking of whipping our bras off, what if you gave your Mother the gift of the most comfortable bra ever! One that even after a long day she won’t be in a hurry to throw off. My sister purchased my Mother this bra for Christmas and if my Mother could, she would wear it every day, this is hands down her favorite bra!

Skylar : About a month ago I purchased a Skylar sample pallet (good for mom to try every scent) and I personally loved every scent and guess what, so did my Mother! There is a confidence women get when they not only feel and dress good, but smell good! My top two favorites are Isle which is truly just a simple fresh scent. Coral is my second favorite and it is bright, and fruity. Third is Meadow, which is a beautiful floral scent I think perfect for all Mothers! Use code MOM15 at checkout for 15% off and free 2-day shipping!

Skylar Isle Candle : Why not pair a fresh scented perfume like Isle with a matching candle! Perfect gift to pair with a robe, and slippers, maybe even a glass of wine, so your Mother can wind down and relax in a nice bath. I love Skylar because they also give back to non-profits to help young women have successful futures! Your purchase could help an amazing future Mother be successful!

New Balance Shoe : Ok so I have been loving New Balance shoes for the past year! Not only are they the most comfortable shoe I own right now, but they are coming in clutch with their new styles! Your Mother will love a new pair for work, exercise of just because she deserves it!

Mom Fuel Coffee Mug : Every Mom needs her fuel at the beginning of her day. Grab this cute mug from Target so your Mom can remember how BAD A she is, even if the coffee is actually wine (wink wink)!

Whatever you do, remember to tell your Mother thank you for all she did and continues to do for you, we all know a Mother’s love is never ending! I am not a Mom yet (impatiently waiting) but I know that Mothers make the biggest sacrifices and put themselves last on the totem pole. They often forget to take care of themselves. So spoil your Mom for Mother’s Day because she deserves it! If you don’t have the money to spend don’t worry, at the end of the day, what matters most to her is that you are with her, because no gift could ever mean more than just you. It is not about the gift but the gesture. You are her greatest gift, now shower her with all the love you can possibly give!

Happy Mother’s Day!

-xo Aileen

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