Amazon Prime Day Must Haves!

Disclosure : This page contains affiliate links, meaning I earn commission if you use those links. I will always only recommend brands I trust, use and I think you will love too.

Amazon Prime day is here people! I have put together some must haves for you. These are items I have, used, and loved! Happy Prime Day shopping! Take advantage of the next 36 hours!

We love, love, love our Fire TV Stick ! We use this all the time and is definitely a must have for your home. If I am being honest this saved us so much money. We ditched Direct TV a year ago and use the Fire Stick primarily. There are tons of movie and tv apps compatible to use on this and it will save you an arm and leg for TV!

This iRobot comes in handy for those of us that wait till the weekend to clean our homes, or those of us who wait weeks or months to clean the floor (guilty here). This is a great buy for us because we have pets, pets who tend to shed, oh also I shed, hair everywhere! My husband is over my hair, and dog hair everywhere, so this really comes in handy. This iRobot is the newest version and is used through Wifi. I wish we waited for this one, but if our older version works great, I am sure this one will not disappoint you! All customizable to suit you and your families needs.

Instant Pots are all the rage right now. My friends and family keep telling me everyone needs one of these, and so I will be snagging this one for sure! This on in particular is maked down more than 50%. Talk about huge savings!

Keurig Mini Single serve is such popular buy right now. You still get the full Keurig experience but in a smaller version. This is a counter top space saver for sure!

My sister got us an Echo Dot for Christmas a couple of years ago, and it is awesome! Not only does Alexa play games on command but you can shop anything on Amazon, buy movies, groceries and more! Plus if you use other tech that is compatible with Alexa, you can basically control your entire house! The future is here!

This Dyson V7, which of all the vacuums I have had is the best, is now $100 marked down! This was one of our best buys of all time! The suction cleaning power on this vacuum is no joke, it cleans carpet, tile, or wood floors, like a champ! Plus all the attachments make cleaning anywhere in your house a breeze. We love that use can easily store this anywhere, or use the wall storing option to hang on the wall. It stores seamlessly and gives you much more space for other house items! Maybe even your new iRobot, they pair perfectly together for your cleaning needs!

Raise your hand if you want to talk and watch your pet while you are away! Who’s with me? Whether you are a dog mom like myself, or cat mom, anything, you know how much we miss our pets when we are gone, and you know how much they miss us as well, would this not be so awesome to check on them with? I think so! This Gidget is marked down 15% and very affordable!

I don’t know what it is but I am a sucker for a good water bottle, especially a good stainless steel one! This 40 oz Summit water bottle is a fraction of the price of the popular Hydro flask!