Where To Find Lululemon Dupes

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Whether you go to the gym or not, everyone loves good active wear. Its comfortable to make a quick run to the grocery store, pick the kids up, lounge in or even wear out for a quick dinner with the hubby (or wifey). As you may know good active wear comes with a big price tag. You are in luck today, because I have been searching for some Lululemon dupes that look and feel amazing, but are a third of the price! Amazon you are my hero, my go too, and you often get me in trouble with my husband! (But we will keep things a secret from him!)

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I am loving these shorts and biker bottoms I found on Amazon. These are the closest style dupes I have found so far that are very comparable to the Lululemon style. But what is even better is these shorts go for about $25 - $30 vs $50 - $80 at Lululemon. The green and black shorts I purchased in a medium and they fit perfectly, I still have enough room to move around without them hugging the hips too much. If you are in between sizes I would size up or if you like fitted shorts than go the size down. The white runners I purchased in a size small because of reviews I read, however they are a tad more snug than the other shorts, so again I would try the size up if you are in between or not sure. Amazon makes returning items super easy so don’t worry if they don’t work out right way!

Before you skip over the biker short trend hear me out. I use to hate the look of this particular style! I use to think they were such a “mom thing” to wear. Little did I know that these are some of the best style for my shape and bottom size. Unlike the ordinary short booty tights, these contain all the goods! I do not have to worry about my butt slipping out or tights riding up into my butt (sorry but it is so true - right ladies). Lets be honest a butt hanging out and eating your tights is not the best sight or feel! These Biker shorts go for about $18 vs a whopping $70 at Lululemon.


These tops excite me more than the bottoms! I can finally get rid of my stained, cotton Walmart tank tops from years ago! The tanks are so much more breathable than any cotton tanks, so for that reason I highly recommend them. Cotton shirts are going to contain a lot of heat which is not good for you or your body during a workout. You want your body to efficiently regulate heat during your workouts, and these breathable tanks will allow that verses your typical cotton tanks! The tanks are fitted which I like for myself particularity because I get annoyed when my shirts go all over the place during a workout. Lululemon tanks are priced at about $60 and these are bundles of three tank tops on Amazon for around $20! That is a huge steal! I guarantee you these will be some of your favorite workout tops, or even to lounge in! I snagged these in a size small - true to size!

I am not sure what is it about crop tops but I am just loving them for loungewear. These long sleeve crops are so buttery which is so surprising to me for what I spent on them. I have active wear that is pricier, and these crops I found on Amazon are very similar on fit and feel to something expensive! I give these a 5 star on comfort and material! These long sleeve crops are perfect for the fall weather that is around the corner. It will give you coverage but it is still very breathable for those workouts. I snagged these in a size small and they are true to size but if you are in between sizes I would recommend sizing up.

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